NameGameLast updated
Brzoi the level 9 Shalore Temporal Wardentome12 weeks 3 days ago
The Incredible Hulk the level 1 Krog Cursedtome12 weeks 3 days ago
Damian the level 24 Doomelf Demonologisttome12 weeks 3 days ago
Enrique Fermi the level 12 Cornac Temporal Wardentome12 weeks 4 days ago
Parf Edhellen the level 11 Shalore Temporal Wardentome12 weeks 5 days ago
Brutus the level 31 Ghoul Reavertome12 weeks 6 days ago
Zlobec the level 14 Doomelf Corruptortome13 weeks 14 hours ago
Zora the level 17 Higher Anorithiltome13 weeks 17 hours ago
Fermi the level 22 Cornac Paradox Magetome13 weeks 1 day ago
Alester the level 8 Higher Archmagetome13 weeks 2 days ago
Temnozor the level 11 Doomelf Doomedtome13 weeks 2 days ago
Killeath the level 33 Cornac Archmagetome13 weeks 2 days ago
Zvezdan the level 5 Doomelf Sun Paladintome13 weeks 4 days ago
Umbra the level 30 Doomelf Shadowbladetome13 weeks 4 days ago
Arkane the level 50 Orc Archmagetome13 weeks 4 days ago
Temmos the level 23 Cornac Paradox Magetome13 weeks 5 days ago
Dusk the level 12 Whitehoof Sun Paladintome13 weeks 5 days ago
Vihar the level 10 Higher Wyrmictome14 weeks 2 hours ago
Arkan the level 16 Orc Archmagetome14 weeks 12 hours ago
Zora the level 1 Higher Anorithiltome14 weeks 21 hours ago
Diana the level 7 Shalore Temporal Wardentome14 weeks 1 day ago
Zhaga the level 27 Whitehoof Sawbutchertome14 weeks 1 day ago
Mraz the level 20 Kruk Yeti Archmagetome14 weeks 1 day ago
Mraz the level 4 Kruk Yeti Archmagetome14 weeks 2 days ago
Eugen de Savoy the level 28 Halfling Annihilatortome14 weeks 2 days ago