NameGameLast updated
Drfra the level 40 Dwarf Berserkertome15 hours 51 min ago
Asesseli the level 6 Thalore Cursedtome1 week 2 days ago
Siima the level 5 Thalore Cursedtome7 weeks 23 hours ago
Ylaatethler the level 16 Shalore Archmagetome7 weeks 1 day ago
Abibaaur the level 21 Thalore Bulwarktome8 weeks 15 hours ago
Jamarese the level 48 Dwarf Berserkertome9 weeks 1 day ago
Jashtarla the level 1 Shalore Archmagetome11 weeks 1 day ago
Verdaaz the level 19 Thalore Berserkertome11 weeks 1 day ago