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The following may be out of date.

Last updated for beta 32. Use at your own risk.

Human and elven Anorithil start in the town of Gates of Morning, and their first zone is the Slazish Fens, accessible from inside the town.

Despite being in the same group as the Sun Paladin, this class plays much more like an Archmage than anything else, with ranged Dark/Light/Fire spells being the main source of damage. Unlike the Archmage, however, the Anorithil has access to some potent defensive hymns and chants, as well as one of the best selections of healing spells of any class. These give you quite a bit more sturdiness, so if necessary, you can take a bit of punishment before having to teleport out.

... Which is good, because you don't have any utility spells -- in particular, you have no monster detection. You're going to run into some monsters you'd prefer not to be too close to, and there's nothing to be done about it, so keep your defenses up.

Your talents are fueled by Positive and Negative energy -- especially Negative energy. Negative energy is used for most of your attack spells. You replenish it by using Twilight (converts Positive into Negative energy) or Twilight Surge (restores some of each, and does damage to all nearby tiles). You will want to keep your Negative energy pool as full as you can. This means occasionally casting Twilight or Twilight Surge while walking around (be careful not to hurt friendly monsters).

At first, don't worry about running out of Positive energy; all of your early Light talents actually produce Positive energy, rather than consuming it. (The only early talent that consumes it is Twilight.) So, even if Twilight would exhaust your Positive energy pool, don't worry! Use it aggressively. You can always throw a Searing Light or a Bathe in Light or something immediately afterward. (This changes a bit if you pick up the Circles tree.)

Your primary attack spell is Moonlight Ray. Dump some class talent points here first, because it's your workhorse. Use Searing Light as a backup and to generate Positive energy, and then Twilight to convert the Positive energy to Negative energy.

Starfall's radius increases at higher levels; it's your only stun. Sun Flare can blind enemies, and Mind Blast can confuse.

You don't have a Phase Door spell, but you have a medium-range Jumpgate spell that will return you to wherever you set up your escape portal, if it's within range. The range is annoyingly low, to the point of uselessness until you dump many points into it. You'd do better to rely on teleport runes, teleport wands, etc. instead.

Chant of Resistance gives elemental resistance, and Hymn of Perseverance gives stun, blindness and confusion resistance. You may swap hymns/chants in certain situations later on, but these should be your defaults. (Some builds focus on damage output, using Hymn of Moonlight and Corona, but foregoing confusion resistance is risky.)

With Healing Light and Bathe in Light, you can probably get away with having just one Regeneration Infusion. Before you get those talents, though, you'll probably want a second one (or a Shielding rune), unless you're a Higher.

The class lists Cunning as its secondary stat. This is because Corona fires additional damage at enemies for every spell critical. With a build focusing on spell criticals, it's possible to spew quite a torrent of these.