New site is up and running!

The new version of the Tales of Maj'Eyal and T-Engine4 website is now up and running.
This version merges all three old sites (, and into one, with many additional features.

What will you find there?
  • News, downloads, documentation as on the old sites
  • A list of the last 10 currently playing players
  • A detailed user profile for every people with an online profile that lists unlocks, achievements, deaths, ...
  • A global game statistic page that aggregates all those datas into fun stats
  • Website login are synchronized with online profiles. If you register on the website you can log into the game and the other way around. Note for old accounts: if you have some weird characters in your login it might have been adjusted on the web site, like spaces replaced with _

In the future there will be even more stats, and obviously support for module uploads and module stats.

Have fun!

Three cheers for Drupal! I

Three cheers for Drupal! I work on this software as my day job, though I'm mostly involved in contributed e-commerce plugins... glad to see you're putting it to good use here. Would be nice for many more indie games to start using it. : D