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Blackened finishes the Fight!

blackened the dwarven cursed cleared the final fight in under 20 turns. This was by FAR the easiest to play character I've made. I probably only used infusions 10 times, and that was in trollmire. Very fun game! I'll probably try to get a doomed there next, i love how the hate resource works. Times i died were in the beginning when i was not sure what talents to raise.


Well that's uncomfortable...

Flameborn swallows its target!
Eternal bone giant rises from the dead!

Well... this is awkward...

lvl 30 and against all odds in one fell swoop

Title pretty much says it all. Saw that orc boss with his 3000+ hp and went holy crap! Lightning speed to get between a couple archers (archers im finding hurt alot and get double hits >.<) and then death dance to take them out, sand and then flame breath to soften them all up. Then wail on the boss with Death blow/ Ice claw. Seriously one of the hardest fights Flameborn has been in.

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