lvl 30 and against all odds in one fell swoop

Title pretty much says it all. Saw that orc boss with his 3000+ hp and went holy crap! Lightning speed to get between a couple archers (archers im finding hurt alot and get double hits >.<) and then death dance to take them out, sand and then flame breath to soften them all up. Then wail on the boss with Death blow/ Ice claw. Seriously one of the hardest fights Flameborn has been in.

Congrats. I beat one of the

Congrats. I beat one of the bosses by teleporting away a lot until I had diminished his followers to a reasonable flood.

Against all odds with cursed

I won that battle with my Ghoul Cursed (didn't got the achievement due to having added some debugging code to the engine at that time) and it was fairly straightforward. I simply jumped to a spot where only 3 orcs could attack me, and then let the gloom life-drain + infusions keep me alive while I whittled the enemies. I also killed the boss last to avoid getting killed after him (as it prevent the free resurrection).