Got burned

Booted up the game for the first time in a while.
Sucked in for a couple of hours.
Burned to death.
Such a good game.
Not being sarcastic.
At one point i used my recall and ended up in a throwback area. Unexpected and fun.

Btw the mouse gestures are amazing, muscle memory stayed after all this time too.
What do you guys use?
For now I have these gestures.
Up - Level up
Down - Next/Previous level
Left - Missions or whatever
Right - Inventory
Left,Down - Character Sheet
Left,Down,Right - Menu screen

I'll probably start up another guy. Possibly Bulwark.
Although I think Bulwark is boring, I need to build a bit defensive. I always go for firepower and end up a glass cannon. Any suggestions are welcome.

Great game.