T-Engine4 / ToME4 beta17 aka "Wintertide" unleashed!

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta17 ! See http://te4.org/

This is a "quick" release to fix a bad crash in beta16 and it brings along some fun goodies too!

(No, no Sher'Tul Fortress yet, it will be in next beta)

Release highlights:

  • Fixes crash & bugs
  • "Smooth movement" animations
  • Some quality of life improvments
  • Online charsheets now contain metadata; the website will be updated with search features
  • Change in the way the difficulty levels are named (again ;> )

Expanded changelist:

  • Inverted the list of zones in the first quest, by special request of Zonk !
  • Renamed talent Fire Imp to Ritch Flamespitter, to be more in line with the nature feel of the class
  • Improved War Hound melee damage and speed
  • Archery low ammo reminder does not identify ammo
  • Ammo counter added to the left pane
  • Removed the freeze image, it seems to lead to some .. crashes
  • Friendly NPCs will not take it lightly when attacked - without having to involve their whole faction
  • When talents do not have enough resources to be used they will be greyed out in the hotkeys display
  • Angolwen is now populted with NPCs
  • Fix typo in the Circles talents
  • Dropping items from the inventory dialog will correctly update the title
  • Can not use the stores in Zigur after attacking it
  • Change Old Man Willow to Wrathroot in the quest description
  • Optimized OpenGL code somewhat
  • Halflings are "small"
  • Fixed duplicate artifacts (hopefully, please keep an eye open for them)
  • Level feeling when entering a level lower than your own or higher
  • Improves the speed of Stone Prison crumbling
  • Fix absorption shields to not ignore the last blow
  • Faeros and Gwelgoroths are correctly immune to diseases instead of "deseases" :)
  • Meditation only affects wild gifts
  • Racial stat bonuses do not count toward the max of 60
  • Both base & actual stats are displayed in the leveling screen
  • Silly Aeryn will not talk about Numenor anymore
  • Fix the directions Aeryn provides
  • Renamed Strength & Willpower infusions
  • Shuffled the difficulty modes again. Now "Easy" is the old Discover; "Normal" is a multi-lifes mode; "Hardcore" is one life and the rest did not change
  • Catalepsy will not give too many "resist" messages
  • Eruan and the Charred Scar can scale higher
  • Can not avoid one of the possible outcomes of the endgame
  • The lost merchant can not block people in corridors
  • Birther.new() takes a new first parameter: either nil or a special title to display. *WARNING* modules need to update
  • The game will now display the current number of unlocked birth options and the max during character creation
  • Added Entity:setMoveAnim(oldx, oldy, speed) method to make entities move around the map with smooth movements. This is not used by default, modules can choose to use it or not
  • A new option (in the game options) is available to change/disable the "smooth movement" effect
  • Online charsheets now store some more flags that will later allow the website to be used to search for characters


Have fun and don't forget to help ToME by with donations!


If you downloaded the game in the very first minutes it was available, please redownload :)