A T-Engine game scored the 4th position on the annual 7DRL contest!

A few weeks ago there was the 2011's 7DRL contest
As each year there was many participant and many interesting results.

One of particular interest is Darren Grey's Broken Bottle module. He decided at the last minute to use the T-Engine4 to create his game, with no prior knowledge of lua or T-Engine.
And he succeeded, he made a complete and fun game in less than seven days.

What's even better is that it scored 4th on the evaluation (while he is on the comity he obviously did not get to vote for his own creation).

Well done Darren!


Many thanks for highlighting my module, DarkGod. And thanks for making the T-Engine, of course. I was sure at the start I was going to fail the challenge, but the whole thing turned out to be much easier to pick up than I expected. Hopefully others will be encouraged to try out the T-Engine for their own games in future.


That's quite an accomplishment.