One year of donations!

One year ago I put up the donation feature on to get a little "return on investment" as managers would say :)
Well it turns out this worked quite well, as for the first birthday I can proudly say there was over 3500 euros of donations to ToME4!

Over the time the feature evolved a bit, being integrated into the game and having a few special features to thank donators.

Some of this money was donated back to Shockbolt for the amazing work he does on the graphics and some is for paying the server.

To sum it up, what a wild ride this last few days: currently running strong in the roguelike of the year contest, reaching 10000 days of playtime and now 3500euros of donations!

I want to thank all the players for their support, all the people that contributed ideas, bug reports, code, sounds and overhaul much fun!

PS: I am in the process of buying a house, so yes, any money I can get will get me closer to that goal join the "buy-darkgod-a-house" campaign ! :)

Weirdling Beast

What can we learn about DarkGod's psyche from the in-game acquisition of a house? I think DG secretly fears the "horror" loan officer. Good luck DG!

Great up-date!

edit: wrong thread :)