Tales of Maj'Eyal beta36 aka "Saving saves"

As promised here comes T-Engine4 and ToME4 beta36 ! See http://te4.org/

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Release highlights:

  • Many important bugfixes
  • Easier transmogrification
  • Saves can negate an effect completly again

Expanded changelist:

  • Fix knife&exotic masteries
  • New achievement for saving Derth without a single derht inhabitant dying
  • Fixed Waters of Life
  • Fixed Relentless Pursuit
  • Fixed psionic Focus tree
  • Fixed Shatter
  • Infusion/Rune saturation doesnt prevent resting
  • Moddable tiles boots appear behind the robe, not over it
  • Fixes psionic randbosses
  • Fixes Arena bosses
  • Fixed mind damage cross tier effects
  • Cursed Touch unlearn TL 5 now works
  • Curse of Madness correctly reduces confusion
  • Fix Fearscape
  • Fix Beckoned
  • Trying to rest with foes in sight will not spend a turn
  • Learning the lost knowledge in Yillkgur library is still slow, but there is a progressbar! :)
  • Correctly compute encumbrance
  • Saves can again shrug off an effect completly, in addition to the duration reduction
  • Nerfed Brotoq, his version of Skullcleaver can not proc greater weapon focus
  • Nerfed Half Finished Bone Giant
  • Once the transmogrification chest has been found once, all new characters will start with it from birth
  • Leaving the level to regen while the other levels are "frozen" should work much less well (also known as stairscumming)
  • Fixed giving the staff of absorption in last hope even when it is cursed
  • Gem Portal cooldown is now reduced by talent level. Also it wont enter cooldown if not moved
  • Icy Skin now scales with Willpower
  • Bone Nova correctly refunds Vim on kill
  • Addons are now validated just as the main module
  • Disruption Shield changed. Now takes no turn to cast, costs less sustain mana, the explosion is now an arcane storm for 10 turns dealing 10% damage each turn. While in the arcane storm the caster gets an arcance resistance buff
  • Addons show up in the online charsheets
  • Blinding Spores duration is now kept in check
  • Fix Void Echoes
  • Negative price items should not appear in stores
  • Healing talents are disabled while frozen (this does not change anything it will just make how frozen works more obvious)
  • Maybe finally fixed disappearing zones; please keep your eyes open
  • Fixed tutorials
  • While frozen teleport spells are unusable (they were before but player could lose turn trying to use them)
  • Fixed dual wield trick abuse
  • Ctrl-compate works again
  • See invisible & See stealth now works the the old "checkHit", because stealth & invis are not 100-scaled
  • Attacking stealthed/invisible creatures now uses a normal hit check and then adds a random 33% chance to hit
  • Mummified Egg-sac of Ungole summons are now working with Summoner's talents, summon control can affect them, they gain passives from the user and such
  • Unlearning Vile Poisons will unsustain lost poisons
  • Avoid avoidable ambush immediately after new target is attained when autoexploring
  • Explore more efficiently by inferring likely wall tiles when autoexploring
  • If autoexplore is stopped on the way to an exit (such as by a trap), then it will still go that target when AE is initiated again
  • When autoexploring don't go to items that the player dropped
  • Terrors from Curse of Nightmare do not spam "levelup" when appearing
  • Fixed removing talents while knowing later talents

Have fun!