New awesome, timed, ingame event!

My fellow minions,

Today I have decided to add a new, *awesome*, event online!
Be sure to play while logged in, you might get a new quest from a certain Anne Buryset.
But beware you will only have 40 *real time* minutes to finish it!

Trust me, the rewards are well worth the effort!

Enjoy, my minions, for your DarkGod never fails to provide!

I'd like to see this powerful

I'd like to see this powerful artefact in the regular store. 1000g is a good price.

This artifact gives me a

This artifact gives me a vision of the future.... It is DarkGod... He is tied to a pole... being stoned... by *spoiler*...

The future NEVER lies.

Good event, Kudos on being clever!

To those who missed it, I feel sorry for you

A permanent artifact across characters of this power is sure to imbalance the game.

A bug...

I failed to complete the mission in time, so now I have a countdown timer at -1000 or so minutes in the quest menu. No way to remove it, that I know of. Is this a bug?

EDIT: It may be because I was on Mac's version 1.0.0, not yet on 1.0.1. I'm on 1.0.1 now, but haven't verified if that fixed it.

There is a way to complete

There is a way to complete this quest as a chronomanser. Just return in the past and do it.