"I Aten't Dead"

My fellow minions!

"I Aten't Dead" as the great granny weatherwax would say (if you do not get the reference, go read the Discworld, like now!).
Many developments are happening on the orc campaign front as we speak and hopefully some news will come soonish ;)
ToME itself is not forgotten and the 1.4 branch is slowly coming to maturation, along with a new sleek UI skin!

But I admit, I did take a few weeks off on vacations, even gods have too ;)

Go forth my minions and play!

Good to see you back.

Good to see you back.


Can't wait to hear more about the orc campaign and that new UI skin, and I'm glad to see more news being posted :D

Glad to see an update and a

Glad to see an update and a reference from a fantastic series!


Great, now I can sleep again ! No more daily site checking :D

is the release of the orcs

is the release of the orcs campaign occurring this year still feasible?

Still the plan; thought

Still the plan; thought nothing is ever certain until I announce a release date :)

Updates and Glory

Glad to see news popping up once more :3 Glory to the Dark God


Glory to the Dark God, I can't wait for the new 1.4 branch :)

Appears Naga race?

Appears Naga race?

Play September 19th

Did something happen today? I've been online most of the day after seeing a message telling us to play today. Did anything happen?

september 19th Talk like a pirate day.

it was talk like a pirate day and at a random time of the day everyone was given a talent for that character that turned them into a pirate that granted bonus gold after so many kills. It also made your character randomly say pirate stuff of course.

Great :)

Great :)

Hail to the Dark God! Thanks

Hail to the Dark God!
Thanks to some guy from forums, I saw your work on GitHub and was totally calm

Sir Pratchett was/is great...


DG I love you even more for making the Pratchett reference <3

Dark God is the Greatest!!

YAY!!!! is is great to know that the game is still alive! :D Hey DarkGod, is there any way that those of us who are veteran players can become more involved in development?

Critical Strike Media (youtube)

Future of TOME

Perhaps one of the expansions to come could contain an entire world on the back of a giant turtle? That would be simply sublime.