Official Tales of Maj'Eyal Discord Server!

Heya my dear minions!

It's time I got on with my time and made an official Discord server for Tales of Maj'Eyal!
I'm sure a lot of you are already using Discord and were sad puppies that you could not find your beloved game there. ;)
Be sad no more and come join up at !

Have fun and be nice!

Help! Golbug did not drop the orb

Hi DG and all who support this wonderful game. I have encounterd a bug that has stopped me progressing the main game. Golbug has not dropped the orb of many ways when killed. After reserching this I undersand that my actions caused this to heppen. The character is a Sun Paladin, and before entering the Fens I first visitted the Unremarkale cave. I beleve this makes the game register that is already has generated the orb of many ways, and then will not drop one when Golbug is killed. Is there any hope for me, or should I pray hader to the glory of the Dark God?

Bug report?

Not exactly a solution (sorry), but I think you'd have a better chance of finding someone to help you if you post this in the 'Bugs' forum board instead of here.

Just click the following link to get there:

Hope this helps