Over a millennium of Tales of Maj'Eyal!

My minions, I am happy to say that Tales of Maj'Eyal has now made humanity as a whole lose over 1000 years!

That is 1000 years of Yet An Other Stupid Death, of amazing treasures, great glory, tears and fun and I hope many more millenniums will follow!

For the next 3 days anybody playing online will get a special item to commemorate this event!

Got nothing


First, many thanks for your great game, i play it since many years.

I play online just now and got nothing, there is something special to do ? Or perhaps it is because i start a new character ?

No sweat.

Took a while before I got it, as well. Just play for a bit. Should show up soon enough.

What was the item?

What was the item?

Is the DLC/update on Wednesday gonna kill old saves?

I've been kinda saving my item to unleash in Dreadfell (I have no idea what'll happen, it'll either be awesome or hilarious), and I'm just curious if save compatibility is going to go out the window on Wednesday. If so, I'd better hoof it ;)

Nope :) But any dlc, or

Nope :) But any dlc, or addons for that matter, are only active on new characters anyway

Good to know

Thanks! :)

With strange aeons, even dead players may die...

Praise Darkgod, sacrifice your firstborns, the day is near!
Alas, what a shame I missed that event.
I was not late for the exciting news of dlc release date tho!

Thanks, Darkgod!

I've been playing this game since it came out and thanks to this item I was finally able to win! It feel sort of cheaty, but I'll take it.