Notice: All characters services are on readonly mode for a few hours

Heya minions!

Starting now and for at least a couple hours, all characters services are switched to read-only mode. This means the profile server is still up and running along with the chat, but no charsheet will update, no new characters will register online.

I'm updating the underlying data structure and converting a bunch of things to make things faster in the future, so hang on tight!

You can play the game just fine though don't worry, but if you have an inbound winner that you'd like to make sure will register, better to wait for the notice that all is back up as normal.

Have fun while I work relentlessly for your enjoyment! ;)

Might this be ....

.... for the last hour, the game has been as unstable as all get-out, with various errors (314) crashing the system and making it entirely unplayable.

Might this tinkering be the cause? I have done nothing new, made no additions, just done the usual cycle of many deaths.

Everything is not so rosy

Hey there, i'm also expiriencing this "lua storm" in-game, chat's dont working, in main menu errors keep ocurring like 2-3 per second, and lags, lags upon lags :(

Some little unforeseen

Some little unforeseen technicalities I'm afraid; i've taken the profiles server online for now, should be back up in 1 or 2 hours I hope