Cosmetic Shimmer Packs are now available from the website too!

My minions,

I know some of you were frustrated that the cosmetics packs can only be gotta from the ingame UI, as either you can't access it or the ingame browser is not working well for you or whatever.
Well, to ease your agony, they are now available right here!

Have fun!


Thanks Darkgod!


I just bought the shimmer pack, but was charged 200 coins out of my wallet? (rather than the 20 that was listed)


Same as @Quidix.

I bought all 3 packs. I had 140 coins (I believe) and now I have -460.

Same problem here

Either the price shown on the page is missing a 0, or the transaction adds another 0 to the price.
In any case, 600 coin was taken out of my balance for what (according to the price shown) should've been 60 coin.

edit; Seems like I've been refunded the extra 180 coins per each purchase. Problems solved here!


It would be nice if the pack were available to bouy trough steam