Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 BETA3 is up for grabs!

My minions,

One more beta for you minions! Go grab beta3:
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.

The current DLCs will still work in 1.6 so you can test with those but they will each get a small update at the same time as the final 1.6 release to update how they process melee talents to be inline with the new 1.6 way.

Please only use official addons/DLCs when testing.

Changelog from beta2:

  • Nerfed a bit the Weirdling Beast (it learns new classes at a bit higher level)
  • Randelites/boss now won't try to escape/kite forever and ever
  • Reduced the wants to escape & kite a bit in targets marked as ranged
  • Increase the Willpower contribution to Vim gain
  • Add life display to Blood Grasp
  • Rush correctly autotargets if the option is on
  • Passives that are spells, nature powers, ... will show as such in their descriptions
  • Reduce sustain cost of Blood Fury
  • Reenable Skirmisher on NPCs
  • Fix Drake's Bane strength requirement
  • Fix Bone Spike not proccing
  • Fix Prothotipe's Prismatic Eye
  • Redesign Windwall ego
  • Improved shop jewelry crafting
  • Improve some base gem stats
  • Fixed Overkill bad interaction with some talents
  • Temporal Hounds never flee
  • Fixed Fearscape targetting
  • Fixed the Assassin Lord not being visible at first, and added a little bonus surprise
  • Fixed Telekinetic Leap
  • Fixed Psiblades putting charms on cooldown and adding back stuff to the hotkeys
  • Fixed Freeze duration reduction gainst friendly targets (it now works) and reduced it a little to not be completly insane
  • Fixed Ice Shards to actually do bonus damage against wet foes
  • Shivgoroth Form shows Ice Storm infos in its description
  • Fixed Frost Treads and buffed the movement speed a bit
  • Restore Dirty Fighting to unarmed damage
  • Fixed dropping cursed sentry items
  • Fixed Sook's shop
  • Fixed Venomous Strike taking two turns
  • Fixed Summoner's Turtle taunting, and now also auto-taunts when summoned
  • Crused Sentry will try to find a free spot nearby to apepar if targeted directly at a creature
  • Yeeks in the shadow crypt will have .. a surprise
  • Secrets of Telos prodigy cant be taken by NPCs
  • Aether Beam is not disarmable
  • Fixed icon for Arcane Strike
  • Amulets of healing got a new more in-theme icon
  • Shadows of low level doomed rares do less damage
  • Fixed some magic checks to enter Zigur
  • Essence of Speed cost reduced a bit
  • Circle of Sanctity range reduced a bit
  • Moar fixes

Now go test it out my minions!