Tales of Maj'Eyal 1.6 BETA5 is up for grabs!

My minions,

One more beta for you minions! Go grab beta5:
You'll find all the downloads on https://te4.org/beta-test

Please, try to keep all bug reportings on ToME's official forums at http://forums.te4.org/ as it is hardly feasible for me to survey 10 different location for bugs.

The current DLCs will still work in 1.6 so you can test with those but they will each get a small update at the same time as the final 1.6 release to update how they process melee talents to be inline with the new 1.6 way.
NOTE: DO NOT ENTER the Caves of Hatred in Embers of Rage. It needs updating of embers to work with 1.6.

Please only use official addons/DLCs when testing.

Changelog from beta4:

  • Fixed (hopefully) the savefile bloating happening for (mostly) Possessors
  • Reduced Fire Breath damage to more sane levels
  • Shimmer mirror now has a search box
  • Fixed keywords on charms
  • Buffed Pulverizing Auger
  • Reorganized Water & Ice trees and buffed the early spells
  • Fixed the black line appearing at the bottom of the screen on some resolutions
  • Fixed Sunburst
  • Fixed a death bug
  • Fixed some weird recursions
  • Fixed a bug in AI displace code
  • New keybind for automatic target accept option, no default binding
  • Misc fixes

Now go test it out my minions!