Started Using GDB on the backend.

Not too complicated to use though in writing the .bat file (its been 20 years or so since I last bothered with .bats) I think I got one of the path's wrong because I got a message to that effect from the command shell though it does not interfere with the running of the program.

The error I am hoping to reproduce seems somewhat random so it might not come up at all. I am trying to get it to crash again on entering the name of a new character. So far it has happened twice now but no indication of why in the stdout.txt file and nothing at all in stderr.txt.


This game is really unplayable with the gdb in the background. I will continue to use it when creating new characters in the hopes of catching the exception that made the game crash. Otherwise Im done with it.

I've had no problems at all

I've had no problems at all running the game with GDB, although getting the crash to happen while on it is something really close to a miracle.
By the way, remember that the GDB log is saved in the t4 folder and it's called gdb.txt.

Well I have 4gb ram, about

Well I have 4gb ram, about 280gb free storage so its not my machine that is causing the slow down. (Also I run a tight ship ramwise shutting down most unnecessary aps/processes.) But yeah the txt file is fairly easy to spot as it is the only one in the folder. :D