Imperfect: Win Report *Spoilers alert!!!! Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled!*

Well after several weeks I managed a win with a mere 2 deaths both in the final fight. I came close to death so many times during the game that if I had died it would have been just a matter of a few points difference. Many defensive abilities + some luck and occasionally good tactics (or at least not stupid as heck tactics) helped.

The final fight was insane. Earlier, I read something on the forums or here, about doing the orbs at the 4 corners but I didn't quite understand how to work it (There is no real reference in game that I could find and the journal notes were not helpful) so I just went with as defensive a posture as I could muster (Barrier, Providence, Circle of Warding and Sanctity + various heal spells. Totality was very helpful here.) Slowly, I weakened the sorcerers with AoE spells and DOT effects. An enemy DOT finished off one of the bosses for me. (Thanks mr fire U guy.)

Sadly the Sun Paladin died fairly quickly but she accounted for a good amount of damage off one of them. The other was fairly hard to kill and the monsters summoned from the portals were painful but no where near as much as the two bosses. 7500 hps! ouch. The most annoying thing was the mimicry effect, where I cast something and had it cast right back at me.

I think this particular character took me 4 days? to play from beginning to end. I know there is much more to do (spellblaze, elven ruins, one of the eastern quests I didn't complete (Important News?).

This is the first win in any TOME for me so perhaps it isn't quite as hard as it used to be, but for me that is a good thing. I know there are plenty of purists who deem multilife wins to be worthless but it was a challenge for me. I expect my next character to die miserably a lot before I learn how to use it's abilities.

Awesome job. I'm hoping for

Awesome job. I'm hoping for the same results with my Anorithil. I haven't unlocked circles yet, how are they?

Useful yet less so than the

Useful yet less so than the basic talents. I found the sanctify circle and the warding circle to be the most useful of the 4.

Does the radius increase with

Does the radius increase with level?

Some do. When you are

Some do. When you are eligible to use a circle save up a few points and see how it scales upward. That is the best way to test any talent you are considering using. (Remember you can remove points if you right click on the talent as long as you don't leave the screen.)

They all scale

They all start off at a base radius of 2 and gain 1 radius for every 2 (raw not adjusted) talent points you put in. At tl 4 they'll all have a radius of four (which I felt was pretty decent when designing them).

The duration also goes up by a point every talent level but this rounds up and goes off adjusted talent level. At tl 5 every circle should be radius four and last ten turns at base mastery.

The damage they deal is a bit lower then say corrossive vapour but this is intentional on my part because A) you'll never damage yourself and B) every Circle gives the caster some kind of other advantage as well.

Really though it's a talent heavy tree. If you invest points in them the duration and radius can get pretty big and the usefulness will go way up. Otherwise Sanctity and maybe Warding are worthwhile even at a point or two but I'd skip shifting shadows and blazing light unless you plan to spend at least four points in them. (I did in playtesting and they did a lot of damage, but I also don't like using most of the sun tree aside from sun flare unless I'm playing a paladin).