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Happy B'day ToME

ToME's birthday. 9 years old. Happy B'day ToME.


I got the word while I was playing my first character that made it to lvl 50 in
adventure mode. I got the Badass talent and went to work. I was in Erdis out in the
sand. I'd been here before in Explore mode, but I didn't find the Sun Paladin and
didn't want to use a Far Portal blind.

This time, I did though and got the word. Off to the Charred Scar for the first
time. The Pallies there said "don't worry about us - run and stop'm". But me, being
a 50 lvl cursed - I see a stack of 12 orcs and I think, good warm up. I jump the
pally wall w/ a Blindside and clean'm up proper.

Actually, I just didn't pay attention to the text and I thought you were supposed to
go North. Really.

Once I got headed in the right direction, all that Fire Resist from the Planar
Beacon came in handy. I had no idea I was under a timer, but the whole point of this
character's run, for me, was to hate play the game and this little section was just
perfect. I got totally absorbed in bashing through wave after wave. Gradually, I
worked out how and when to use the Badass talent in my rotation. Then, I started to
experiment w/ how to get the most out of it. Or to see if a spree would extend it.

All this made the run through CS, quite pleasant, but all good things must come to
an end and at the last plank, I carefully step through the rocks to see...

An aside...

I am new. I had just reached the 'end' w/ a 'zerk in explore and massssively rage
quit due to the 'end' room's being impossible. at the very moment I stepped through
those rocks, I was aware of ...

having a good time
there's a boss fight coming
be careful

... and I step through to see two figure which I quickly inspect and see who they are
and immediately out of my mouth...


I was not ready to ruin this experience. I stopped right there. I had to think about
this for a while. I finally decided to go to the wiki and read about the Charred
Scar. Thus assured, I returned and proceeded to fight their Guardian. As the fight
wore down, with a Slash and a Frenzy ready to finish it. I hit badass.

Bad Ass 100 creature achievement unlocked !

I kid you not. Perfect timing. Some much win. Thanks for this experience, dg.

Happy Birthday ToME.
Much love.

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