Help Desk Brief Hiatus

Heya everyone! I'll be going out of town for a week or so. My save fixing emporium will stay open but I won't be able to get to any tickets until I return.

Hopefully everyone enjoys 1.5 and things don't break TOO hard.


I'm back. I'll start trying to get to tickets when possible in the next few days; I apologize for delays.

Sher'Tul closed ...forever?

Tried to kill Weird Beast(or whatever it is called) but failed and retreated back to water level. When i came back boss was gone and door still closed. Relaunching the game didn't help - is it possible to do smth?


Yes, this is something I can fix. Open a ticket, send me a copy of your save:

Are you playing through Steam? If so make sure you disable3 cloud saves for ToME. They are disabled by default due to them causing issues like this (or worse).

Wildfire isn't showing up for my character

I unlocked Wildfire (Pyromancer) several characters ago, and I now have another level 20 char, but "Spell/Wildfire" Category isn't showing up. Can you fix this?