Characters not updating on online profile?

Seems for the last 2 days any new characters I make don't show up on my characters list, and if I played on previous characters their stats don't get updated, anyone else with this issue?

Ah indeed! It's being fixed

Ah indeed! It's being fixed :)
Data is not lost it's just not displayed

Thanks for letting us know,

Thanks for letting us know, not too worried about it not being displayed if data is still getting recorded so appreciate the information :d

I have the same issue!

I have noticed that when I have slow connection to internet game is not updating my characters and is logging me out of Steam inside game even I was logged in before loading save or starting new game. When I restart ToME, game logs me to this platform automatically as intended. How can I fix that?

Same thing is happening to me :(

I don't actually mind it but I want DarkGod to notice me :3
Its fixed but I would still like a hi :(

Same issue! :(

For some reason, all the characters I've played over the last couple of days are not being recorded here