[7DRL] Equal in Death

If you don't know what a 7DRL is, let me explain. Sleep deprivation, shunning all social interaction, and a lot of dishes. And coding. Lots of coding. A 7DRL is an annual contest to create a Roguelike game (similar to ToME) in just a week. I've worked a lot on the tactical AI for bosses and uniques in ToME and wanted to take base an entire game on intelligent, 1v1 fights. The result is "Equal in Death", my 7DRL using the T-Engine and outright stealing the beautiful UI from ToME b38.

Here is the module file (drop it in "game/modules" folder): http://db.tt/Ugf023r1

Here are some pre-packaged downloads to help get you guys going.


Linux: http://db.tt/aBXKMAaH

I would love any feedback (and the eventual bug reports) on the Forums, over here: http://forums.te4.org/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=33172