gravitic infantry


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This pack compiles several classes, with an emphasis on hybrid design. Not all classes are complete: the ones which I'm not satisfied with are marked as either INCOMPLETE or "in BETA".

The classes included in this pack are:
- The Transcendent Fist is an unarmed Psionic warrior, using a gem in his TK slot to hit with flexible energy types.
- The Storm Warden is a melee-and-ranged skirmisher with magical mobility and support spells.
- The Striker is a cunning and covert class, with a focus on delivering shock-and-awe thunderbolts from stealth.
- The Gravitic Infantry is a melee-focused Chronomancy user (formerly named the Heavy).
- The Creep is a stalker in the dark, cunning and covert in his hate.
- The Vector uses disease and debilitation to keep his foes at range while he snipes them to death.
- The Flenser is a Defiler whose knives debilitate and torture his victims.
- The Blood Mage is a Vim-based caster with a mild dip into staff-melee combat.
- ... and more!

(BETA) Shield Hero is an Adventurer who starts with heavy armor and a shield. Not very exciting unless you were annoyed about not being able to equip your Adventurer's shield right away.
(BETA) Prototype Hero is an Adventurer who starts with 1.3 mastery in every category. Not very useful for players, but it might be interesting for addon writers to spitball new category combinations.

(INCOMPLETE) The Flux Marauder is a Paradox thug, stealing time from his enemies.

x (Removed): The human-only Embers of Gerlyk are fire-using magical martial artists. Removed pending new content / 1.6 features.
x (Removed): The skeleton-only Fossils are geomantic martial artists. Removed pending new content / 1.6 features.

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