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This pack compiles several classes, with an emphasis on hybrid design. Not all classes are complete: the ones which I'm not satisfied with are marked as either INCOMPLETE or "in BETA".

The classes included in this pack are:
- The Ascetic is a staff-based arcane fighter.
- The Striker is another cunning and covert class, but his focus is on delivering shock-and-awe thunderbolts from stealth.
- The Heavy is a melee-focused Chronomancy user.
- The Creep is a stalker in the night, cunning and covert.
- The Vector uses disease and debilitation to keep his foes at range while he snipes them to death.
- BETA: The human-only Embers of Gerlyk are fire-using magical martial artists.
- BETA: The skeleton-only Fossils are geomantic martial artists.

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