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Tired of being alone on your adventures? Tired of being an archmage with no one to give that unique battleaxe to? Tired of having no one to use your healing spells on? Tire no more, for now you can create fully controllable additional party members to join you on your adventures, each as capable as your leader. Included is a sustainable talent to control each party member as their turn comes up to allow fully tactical combat when things get rough.

-Grants the ability to add any number of additional members to your party each with their own race and class, allowing you to take on higher difficulties.
-Select race and class of the party members to be created by raising and lowering free talent levels in a new automatically unlocked talent category and then activate the spawner talent to create a new member.
-Mark characters you no longer want to be deleted on death by selecting them and using that same talent on a character created by it.
-Revive dead party members by channeling a talent for 100 turns.
-Gain full control over each member whenever it becomes their turn by activating a sustainable talent on any of your party members.
-Gold is effectively shared between each party member allowing each character to use stores and trainers as well as benefit from gold based talents.
-Can create any race, class, and gender of which you have unlocked and is able to be played in the infinite dungeon, even from addons.
-Can define any party member's ally compassion by the game's default give orders dialog.
-Can define any party member's self preservation by the game's default give orders dialog.
-Can disable friendly fire damage via a sustainable talent on a per-character basis.

-!Due to how alchemists are designed, you will not be able to take direct control of their golems if the alchemist is not your main character, but should still function correctly elsewise.
-!To prevent compatibility issues with other addons, the talents this addon use to create new party members still require you to have a talent point to raise them, but will not cost one to raise.
-!This addon will not add its talents to a character that was created without the addon enabled.
-!Due to some potencial save-breaking issues, you will only be able to change zones with your main character selected.

For a list of changes, please see the change notes on steam or by reading the int.lua file included in each downloadable version.

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