Rest Tweaks (Rechargeables, Auto-use and More!)

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This addon makes several changes to resting:

1. Checks for and waits on any rechargeable items (e.g. Eden's Guile, Gwai's Burninator, etc.)
2. Checks for and reloads any ammo in offhand quiver (you're welcome, Temp Wardens!)
3. Waits for cooldowns of talents set to auto-use
4. Waits for depleted air to replenish
5. Combines all checks into a single instance of rest, rather than having cooldowns etc. require a second resting phase

The last change has the added benefit of fixing a quirk in the way auto-explore used rest which sometimes caused the player to start exploring before all cooldowns were off.

Please let me know if you have any issues or would like to see any other rest-related tweaks added.

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