Automatic Notes

Automatic Notes

Automatically collects notes about unvisited zones and unactivated features/events that the player has seen and may wish to return to later, updated as the player revisits said points of interest. Notes will reflect:

  • Unopened golden chests, graves and weird pedestals; giant digestive sacks and strange tentacle "trees" from the Forbidden Cults DLC; demon statues from the Ashes of Urh'rok DLC; strange conduits from the Embers of Rage DLC.
  • Unopened vaults, including "hidden vault" sub-zones.
  • Various quest-related events like Tempest Peak and the Sher'tul farportal.
  • Sub-zones like damp caves, intimidating caves, and the temporal rift in Daikara.
  • Glyph sequences from the Forbidden Cults DLC, as found on various levels.
  • Various non-main-plot zones on the world map, like Ruined Dungeon or Mark of the Spellblaze (configurable), if you have not visited them or killed their associated guardian.

Notes for a level are updated when the player enters or leaves the level, and when bringing up the auto-collected notes list manually via <Alt-Shift-A> (configurable via the "Key bindings" dialog). The auto-collected notes list will also optionally pop up when you load a character, configurable via the game option "UI | Automatic notes".

Frequently Asked Questions:

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