Brawler Weapon Tinkers on Gloves

Brawler Weapon Tinkers on Gloves

Allows brawlers and other classes with Unarmed Mastery to attach weapon tinkers to their gloves.

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Brawler Tinkers on Gloves 1.5.5 2017-09-16 22:04

Tinker swapping bug

There seems to be a bug caused by this addon: When I switch out equipment with a tinker on it, it creates a duplicate of that tinker in my inventory as well. (Which can be melted down again for infinite ingredients.)

Example: I've got a helmet with a tinker on it, and the Swap Tinkers game option enabled. I wear a different helmet in my inventory and the tinker is swapped onto that helmet; but a duplicate of that same tinker is also added to my inventory. Re-wearing the original helmet swaps the tinker again, and creates yet another duplicate tinker in my inventory.

Removing Brawler Tinkers from my game stopped this behavior.


Brawlers can finally play around with tinkers other than utility.
Would be nice if it also made weapon tinkers work with shields tho.. (single tinker for shields.. really? :<)