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Edge Tweaks

Allows traps to trigger on forced movement (knockbacks, rush, etc.)

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Edge Tweaks 1.3.0 2015-03-03 01:28


Currently this addon modifies the trap code to allow forced movement (such as rush, knockbacks, etc.) to trigger traps. This addon should be considered a test environment. If people will test it and let me know if they encounter any issues with it we'll know rather or not we can add this change into vanilla!

If you run into any weirdness testing this change please post them here.


And thanks for testing!

Haven't really found any

Haven't really found any issues with this so far.
Can monsters just walk over traps given enough of a stat or something though?
I'm not really sure about that, but I've seen monsters (at least early on) just walking past some traps of mine.

New hit check darkgod put in

New hit check darkgod put in for traps. 5% chance they get ignored. I assume this was so teleport, rolling stone, and whatever else can't stop players from getting plot items.

And thanks for testing :)

I think there's something we

I think there's something we need to tweak traps to do, because NPCs can; Make it so we can set traps under them and have them activate, they do it to me all the time with catapult traps, I've gotten blown up with a disarm trap without moving, too.
This would make traps a lot more enjoyable to use and would greatly help rogue be more reliable early on.