The basic idea behind the class of the Forge Knight is that of armor and weapon crafting. While item manipulation is already part of the game in form of some talents like Stone Alchemy's Imbue item or Finer energy manipulations' Reshape Weapon/Armour, class talents of the Forge Knight go one step further and allow the recreation of a piece of armour (body, helm, shield) or weapon (metallic, non-archery). The underlying crafting process is pretty simple: an existing item is being used as raw material for the creation of a new item of the same basic type and subtype. The original item is being consumed during the crafting process. Crafted items are initially basic items (white display colour) enhanced by certain bonuses like combat damage or armour and defense values. The development of passive talents allows for a broader spectrum of enhancements on the crafted weapon. Eventually, a Forge Knight learns to craft items with innate extra properties, like a developed ego (green/blue/violett display-colours) and powerful talents, which the Forge Knight gains access to while wielding the crafted item .

In addition to two talent types dedicated to crafting (weapons, armours), the Forge Knight gets two additional unique talent types (class, generic) covering combat and passives, as well as several talent types from those normally available to members of the warrior classtree.

The class idea was partly inspired by the concept of the Enchanter class in Arcanum from House Pet, which I had alot of fun with, and the desire to build a variation of a smith-class, which doesn't exist so far in Maj'Eyal.


- Fixed compatibility with grayswandirs weapons pack: alternative damage modificators are now enhanced too.
- Bonuses now scale with ego-multipliers: Two Handed Weapons get slightly better bonuses, daggers slightly worse.
- Added/changed on-hit-talents.

Reduced Abuse:

- any antimagic item that is being used for forging will result in forged items with an antimagic powersource
- if reforging uniques, that are infused by arcane powers, the reforged unique will also be infused by arcane powers
- all forged items are now considered being either egoed (green, blue, violet display colour) or rare (brown display colour)
- points invested into the talent trees of armor and weapon forging can't be redistributed afterwards anymore (no 'respeccing' in towns)


- removed access to regular shield/dualwielding/2handed-talent-trees from the Forge Knight
- added two new talent trees, that cover combat skills that work regardless if you fight using a shield, dualwielding or with a twohanded weapon (albeit with different effects)
- added the ability to switch weapon sets without spending a turn, so Forge Knights can make most use of all the weapons they are able to craft, depending on situation

Refine & Restore:

- Refine Items: Learning or putting a point into the talents "Armour Forging" or "Weapon Forging" gives access to a skill, that lets you upgrade your forged items towards your current skill level in the different talents of the forge group. Only properties that were put onto a forged item via the forge-skill previously will be affected and only items that have been forged after this patch can be refined.
- Restore Artifact: Learning or putting a point into the talents "Artifact Armor Design" or "Artifact Weapon Forging" gives access to a skill, which lets you reverse forging on an unique item of lore (golden display colour) once - to recover the original artefact. Only artefacts reforged after this patch can be restored.
- Fixed an error that would come up if forging items "of the deep".

Forbid Nature / Arcane:

- If you are too distant to nature (e.g. undead), you won't forge items which grant you wild-gift-talents anymore (unless you forge items powered by antimagic forces).
- If you are a follower of zigur, you won't craft items which grant you spellbased-talents anymore.
- Distribution of cd-reductions and talent-masteries on items hasn't been changed and stays completely random

Refinement Fix:

- Fixed an issue, where after refining an equiped weapon or armor some properties (like resists) wouldn't be registered properly
- Power Catalyst: Mind now helps you regaining lost equilibrium when resting

Small Fix (15.01.2015):
- Prevention measure related to a reported lua error

Fix weapons_of_projection (24.01.2015):
- forged weapons with the ego "of projection" should now cooldown properly
- no more lua errors incase you you have a weapon without material level (tier definition) in your inventory

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fix weapons_of_projection 1.2.5 2015-01-24 16:16
small fix 1.2.5 2015-01-15 12:28
Refinement_Fix 1.2.5 2014-12-17 15:32
Forbid Nature/Arcane 1.2.5 2014-12-08 12:17
Refine & Restore Items 1.2.5 2014-12-07 18:37
Revision, New Talent Trees 1.2.5 2014-12-05 20:18
reduced abuse 1.2.4 2014-11-01 14:23
weapon pack fix 1.2.4 2014-10-27 21:43
major overhaul 1.2.4 2014-10-26 00:50
Forge Knight 1.2.4 2014-10-23 00:30

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