Fuck Worms

Fuck Worms

Fuck worms.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Replace worm sprites 1.6.7 2020-05-20 15:40

150 MB and no description

This addon is 150 Megabytes, contains the entire data-folder and does not even work.


Maybe you should run that sucker through an antivirus. Suddenly the word 'worm' seems a lot more ominous. 150 meg is larger than the DLCs


Okay, just to be clear, is "fuck" a verb here, e.g. "Fuck worms. I hate fucking worms" or an adjective e.g. "Wow, fuck worms are the hottest new sex toy out of Gates of Morning"?

Either way, I assume from your key words that this is purely cosmetic? And do you mean worm masses or worms that walk? Because can't see the former eliciting much hate and/or prurience. So if such is the case, I'd be curious to hear the backstory. (Though if it's a worm mass sex toy, perhaps you could be delicate in your phrasing when providing said backstory.)