Marson's Auto-explore & Rest Tweaks

Marson's Auto-explore & Rest Tweaks

v2.1.0 *** FOR ToME v1.2.4 ONLY ***
Determines how auto-explore and running respond to telepathy, including mouse moves. Regardless of the setting, hostiles seen via telepathy will not halt resting or the Rod of Recall, nor trigger automated talents. Unique or powerful monsters (rank > 3) will always trigger a halt to running when they are spotted via telepathy for any mode except 'Original'.


Available modes:
• 'Always Viligant' always stops running when a hostile creature is seen via telepathy.
• 'First Sighting' stops running when a hostile creature is sighted via telepathy for the first time. The creature will then be ignored by auto-explore until spotted by actual sight, which will trigger a halt as normal.
• 'Reset on Rest' is the same as First Sighting, but resting will forget all creatures spotted via telepathy so that they will trigger a stop again.
• 'Original' is standard ToME auto-explore behavior, which ignores telepathy when running or auto-exploring.

Also utilizes C. Lowe/CaptainTrip's 'Rest Tweaks' addon code and updates it to 1.1.5.
• Checks for and waits on any rechargeable items.
• Checks for and reloads any ammo in offhand quiver.
• Waits for cooldowns of talents set to auto-use.
• Waits for depleted air to replenish.
• Combines all checks into a single instance of rest, rather than having cooldowns etc. require a second resting phase.

Additional features:
• Fixes a ToME bug that can cause autoexplore or running to move only a single square and hang if used immediately after killing an enemy.
• Lore discovery will only stop autoexplore if it triggers a popup.
• Autoexplore will ignore Exploratory/Infinite Farportal return portals until the entire level has been explored.
• Ignores special terrain features such as Font of Healing after they are first discovered.
• Ignores open chests and alt Maze floor cracks.
• Rest and AE ask for confirmation if you have an escort in your party.
• Ignore already activated pedestals.

+ Compatible with ToME v1.2.4

• Telepathy will not prevent auto-exploring the way normal sight will. If a halt is triggered by telepathy, hitting auto-explore again will move you at least one more square in the direction of the auto-explore path. If in 'Always Viligant' mode and a hostile is within telepathic sight (but not normal sight), you will auto-explore in 1 square per keypress increments.
• 'First Sighting' and 'Reset on Rest' modes are intended to keep auto-explore a fast process. If you spot an enemy you wouldn't mind bumping into around a corner, you can just hit auto-explore again and that enemy will be ignored until seen by normal sight. 'Reset on Rest' can be handy if you spot a type of enemy you want to be cautious around or a packed room. You can move away, rest, then explore the rest of the level without worrying about running into the middle of that room.

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Crashes Game on Start

Improved Auto-explore and Rest is a replacement I found until this is patched.

That was a fork of this, when

That was a fork of this, when this stopped being maintained. Just in case anyone else comes across this.

Doesn't work with 1.2+ paradox mechanics

I adore this mod, but it acts really strangely with respect to Space-Time Tuning -- do you think you could add an additional check so you don't stop resting until you're back at your preferred paradox?


Installed you UI Mode and Auto Explore. And when i am loading my game I encounter some flickering on the loading screen. Do you know what is the problem?

Problem 2

And one more thing. Previous version of UI Mode worked fine. New one does not work at all.

Problem 3

Me again. If i'm turning on UI Mode or Marsons AutoExplore both at a time or not. It anyway does not work. =_=


Maybe your mods are conflicting with others. But I can't get with which one? Do you have some thought about that?