Adds two new shadowy Celestial classes.
First is the Moon Paladin, who fight using two weapons and the two moons.
Second is the Starslinger, who imbues their shots with the power of the stars.
Also two new subraces that start in the Far East, regardless of class.
Mardrop Humans and Star Elves.

Now with a new starting zone: Save the Sunwall crops from a worm infestation.
New second starting zone: The Tenebrous Glades.
Travel to the barely made training camp of Midnight via a jumpgate on the west side of the Gates of Morning, then head southwest.
The shadows summoned to conceal the camp have become restless and dangerous. Quiet them down and investigate what is working them up.

Currently there are nine new categories.
Celestial/Night: A utility based generic category that generates negative celestial energies.
Celestial/Lunar Combat: Powerful offensive talents invoking the power of the moons.
Celestial/Guidance: Some defensive and one offensive talents for Moon Paladin.
Celestial/Shooting Stars: Combines star magic with ranged weapons.
Celestial/Deep Space: Some high level celestial magic for Starslinger.
Celestial/Sigils: Shape negative celestial energies into traps.
Celestial/Glory: High level light magic for Sun Paladins and Anorithil.
Celestial/Moon Magic: Magic derived from the two moons of Eyal.
Celestial/Umbra: High level dark magic for Anorithil and Star Slingers.

It also grants Sun and Glyphs to Sun Paladin at 1.3 mastery.
Reworks Chants and Hymns, and buffs Sunburst.

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Path of Light

This is a nice addon and I like it but unfortunately Path of Light will damage friendlies so I keep murdering townsfolk and Escorts.

A nitpick, but...

EDIT: very much old and resolved.