Modest Auto-accept target

Modest Auto-accept target

Base Game's Auto-accept target is too aggressive for me.
This Addon provides restricted version of Auto-accept target.
Auto-accept target if one of the following is met
- there is only one seen creature in the range
- you are hovering a creature by mouse

Prevent some Talents from Auto-accept target.
- Demented/Controlled-horrors/Decayed Bloated Horror

This addon ignores Auto-accept target setting.
You can toggle Modest Auto-accept target by [Toggle automatic accept target option] hotkey.
Disable means both of Modest Auto-accept and Base Game's Auto-accept are disabled regardless of [Auto-accept target] setting.


Weight: 99

- mod/class/Player.lua:getTarget()
- mod/class/Game.lua:setupCommands()

See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Name Module Version Required Released File
1.1.0 hover 1.7.2 2021-03-21 09:58
1.0.1 - bloated horror 1.7.2 2021-03-16 11:02
1.0.0 1.7.2 2021-03-12 12:58