Modify Prodigies

Modify Prodigies

Modify some prodigies, empower outdated prodigies, adjust overpowered ones and introduce new ones.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Update for the sun 1.7.4 2023-02-03 02:56
version 1 1.7.2 2020-11-12 03:10

Major changes to: 1.Arcane

Major changes to:
1.Arcane Might: all your weapon damage modifier is converted into arcane /// your APR is increased by 100% of your magic ///weapon always treated as arcane dmg /// +25arcane dmg/respen
2.Mind Tyranny: Mind attack cannot be resisted by a mental save anymore /// any foe who fails to resist your mind attack will suffer 20% more dmg and may get brainlocked for 2 turns on critical strike
3.TotT: when holding a dagger in your offhand, inflcting dmg to a target in sight makes you deal additional (xx) phys dmg
4.undomitable, or w/e mental effect prodigy is called: a revamp into Determination; increases duration of beneficial effects and reduces duration of harmful effects by 25%+1 rounded up
5.antimagic aura (+%AMshield before):) an aura surrounds you in radius 4, decreasing SP and casting speedd by 20%, increasing mind speed by 20%. You may activate it to make this aura explode in radius 10, doubling the effect for 5 turns and restore 10 equil for each effect applied. Additionally AMS costs no time to use.

Might've skipped smth, I don't know all of the prodigies that well to tell a difference. What Ive found are moreless reaesonable changes to unuse or underperforming prodigies, 3/5