More Taints

More Taints

Power comes at a price, but the price is worth paying...

This addon adds more Taints to the game.

Taints are Inscriptions powered by corrupt forces. As such, they are arcane so Oozemancers and other Zigur Zealots need not apply.
They do not get egos for scaling, instead they scale on a new stat called Taintmarks.
Taintmarks are a measure of how tainted by corrupted forces you are.
Each Taintmark increases the power and duration of Taints by 20%, but decrease you luck by 1 and increase the cooldown on nature gifts by 1.
Taintmarks are gained in many ways:
Each inscribed Taint grants a Taintmark.
Possessing a corrupt power source like Vim or Hate grants a Taintmark.
Being Undead, becoming Undead or changing your shape grants a Taintmark.
Giving in to your Hate grants a Taintmark.
Having Dark Ritual, Ruin or Blurred Mortality grant a Taintmark.
Having Blighted Summoning, Corrupted Shell, Bloodspring or Legacy of the Naloren grant a Taintmark.

Taintmarks are listed on your character sheet under stats.

Current Taints are only a little more rare than normal inscriptions. In v1 they will be much rarer but certain bosses will have a guaranteed Taint drop.

List of Taints:
Devourer: As before but also eats on of your own sustains for more healing.
Telepathy: As before but both effects have the same duration.
Darkness: Darkens the area, grants a temporary stealth boost and makes you activate stealth mode (even if you don't have it), but decreases your darkness resistance.
Vampire: Adds Life Leech chance and amount, but decreases your light resistance.
Blood Magic: Increases your Spellpower and lets you cast with life instead of mana/vim when needed, but decreases your physical save.
Reaper: Increases you physical power and restores resources on kills, but decreases your spell save.
Inversion: Grants damage affinity all, but changes some of your damage to healing.
Shade: Allows you to walk through walls and grants evasion, but reduces your healing.
Ghoulish Rot: Your hits apply Ghoulish Rot disease but your movement speed is decreased. Also blocks hits from being above a certain amount.
Banshee: Scream doing mind damage and causing confusion in nearby enemies, but silences you.
Bone Thorns: Sharp thorns sprout from your bones causing heavy bleeding damage to enemy attackers, but also causes you to bleed. Also increases armour and hardiness.
Blood Snare: Hurl a blood bomb at the target where it explodes, doing blight damage and pinning enemies. This blood bomb is made from your own blood.
Acceleration: Reduces cooldowns, but then they are on cooldown for longer when used.
Exchange: Removes debuffs from you then inflicts you with another random debuff.

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If making an anti magic build all of the taint are useless. Any way you could make them not a spell or sme of them not a spell? Just a suggestion. Love taints, made a doombringer and the synergy was quite nice. Nothing OP or out of sync it felt.

Purposefully anti-antimagic

"Taints are Inscriptions powered by corrupt forces. As such, they are arcane so Oozemancers and other Zigur Zealots need not apply."

I would assume by this quote that it was set up specifically so that antimagic users cant access them. I also say this knowing that you no longer care, what with this being a month in the future from your comment.

Aren't the taints a game

Aren't the taints a game mechanic for the main ToME? The Taint of Telepathy - which is arcane-powered - exists as a alchemist reward, so I just assumed they were built on that particular mechanic, which would mean this add-on would have to create an entirely new code. They're literally inscriptions, and philosophically corruptions, right? That's why anti-magic characters can't use them. Perhaps a good suggestion would be to create another class of items that parallels infusions? I guess it's a question of how much work Housepet is willing to do. In either event, it's a good add-on, as you say, though, granted, I don't often go anti-magic, so I don't have to deal with your frustration.