Breeding Pits Restoration Project

Breeding Pits Restoration Project

Restores the orc breeding pits cut content to the game.

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Orc Pits Restoration Project V1 1.1.5 2014-01-14 01:13

Thank you!

I personally haven't made it to the Breeding Pits yet, but was extremely disappointed to hear that they had been removed; and for the wrong reason at that. I'm very pleased to see this add-on and plan on downloading it the moment I get back to my PC, though I do agree with a previous comment that restoring it to its most 'complete' form prior to any form of censorship would be most preferable.

Please tell me you'll be 'rolling back' to the original version! :D

thank you

i was truly sad to see it removed


Just wanted to thank you.

Thanks for doing this. I had

Thanks for doing this. I had never messed with making addons for ToME before, but when the breeding pits were removed I started tearing the files apart trying to figure it out. Glad someone else with more knowhow did it though.

Ideally I would've preferred the 1.1.3 version before he censored himself in 1.1.4, but this is still better than the gross idiotic overreaction of 1.1.5. Thank you once again!