'Purists' Breeding Pits Restoration Project

'Purists' Breeding Pits Restoration Project

Restores the orc breeding pits cut content to the game. This is the original completely unaltered orc breeding pits, just as objectionable as it was in version 1.1.3, before any changes were made. You have been WARNED. Do not complain about the potentially objectionable content.

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Name Module Version Required Released File
Orcmothers Moving Day 1.2.3 2015-05-24 02:30
Purist Orc Breeding Pits Restoration Project 1.2.3 2014-07-05 08:34


i explored the whole east and there was no breeding pits, cleaned all prides, just last dungeon remaining... >_< i want to smell baby orc blood. why you not working?


I assume this is in contradistinction to the previous add-on to the same effect, where the young and baby orcs were neutral? Does it have the same quest trigger as the other one, or should the pits just appear as they used to?

Incidentally, I never had any problem with the "purity" of the previous add-on...I found that if you attack them, they turn hostile, just like the slaves in the Hidden Compound. You know, the Save Them, Bask In Their Adulation, Get the Achievement, Then Murder Them Zone? :)

Pits not spawning?

I really should have made a forum topic for this, or someone should have flagged a steam comment, but... I tested when I made it, and found the orc breeding pits, as well as making sure they were playable through.

Yes, for those who asked, this is the OLD breeding pits, with none of the objectionable content removed, and no quest attached. It just spawns as-is on the map. (There were also more changes then just the orc children being neutral)

Make sure that my OTHER orc pits addon isn't on sailorhudin, the 2 are exclusive. Only have one or the other on at a time. Beyond that, nothing should be capable of interfering with it.

I think I may see the problem

This is my second character using the addon, and the pits still haven't appeared to spawn... but I noticed something far offshore to the southwest of the desert, a little ring of visible water like the terrain rings you see around the encounter areas on the Yeek island even when you can't see the rest of the island. Could the pits have spawned out of reach?


there are no breeding pits at all. they didnt spawn not on any of my chars. no where to be found


there are no breeding pits at all. they didnt spawn not on any of my chars. no where to be found

Well, I just finished a

Well, I just finished a winner with the *other* breeding pits restoration add-on, so it'll be a while before I can test this one. Unless...let me see if I can survive a jaunt out into the East with a character spawned in Gates of the Morning. If I can find them quickly, I'll let you know.

Edit: I found the Breeding Pits. I don't know if this add-on places them randomly or not, but I found them near the western shore (the desert area) in the southern part of the East, just north of where the necromancer orc tribe would be (sorry, can't remember the name, and until I get the quest, the bastion won't show up on the map.) Since I assume you made certain the add-on was active, maybe there's a conflict with another add-on? I can't imagine there would be, since none of the add-ons except the other Breeding Pits restoration add-on strike me as touching that part of the code. But that's all I can think of. Just to be safe, I do want to remind you that it looks like a big hole in the ground, so it's possible it is obscured by some other part of the terrain.

I'm having a similar issue.

I'm having a similar issue. Two characters in a row the breeding pits haven't spawned at all.

the add-on is on (saw in the

the add-on is on (saw in the ToME menu). i will try to download a older version and try. hopefully then i can smell some baby orc blood