Ring Soul

Ring Soul

An Ring in bag when birth
there is a soul in the ring
you can talk with the soul

Chinese mod

welcome any suggest

The main idea and code is from https://tieba.baidu.com/p/4420255944?red_tag=1967259920

Thanks to QAZ823005978

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Name Module Version Required Released File
v1.2.11 1.5.5 2018-01-17 19:49
1.2.10 1.5.5 2018-01-14 12:37
1.2.8 1.4.9 2017-02-23 19:58
1.2.7 1.4.9 2017-02-19 18:20
1.2.6 1.4.9 2017-02-17 19:04
1.2.5 1.4.9 2017-02-12 20:29
1.2.4 1.4.9 2017-02-08 19:00
1.2.3 1.4.9 2017-02-08 18:54
1.2.2 1.4.9 2017-02-07 21:49
1.2.1 1.4.9 2017-02-06 19:27

doesn't work

Mod doesn't work for me. Eng ToME 1.5.10, ring doesn't appear in inventory

This is a Chinese mod

Sorry About Language
I don't really know how to write mod in both English and Chinese

原始代码来自// origin code is from
感谢QAZ823005978 // thanks to QAZ823005978

个人做了修改 // do some change myself

Re: English & Chinese

Easiest way would be to upload a Chinese version and an English version. Second option would be more complicated and would probably involve having an option to toggle Chinese/English in the addon itself.

English support to some extend

add some English(Chinglish) in text
This mod is mainly about a ring
a soul in the ring . and you can talk with it

I don't know Whether English works in English environment

who can tell me the name of DLC in world
like "Maj'Eyal" in getBirthDescriptor("world", "Maj'Eyal")

What is this?

Please provide a description.

Chinese Addon

It adds another human subrace, but everything is in Chinese.