Sholtar have no racial talents of their own; instead, the four slots can be used to learn talents from defeated enemies (of a high enough rank). In this manner, the Sholtar can improve nearly any class by adding abilities from other calsses, or even talents that are normally exclusive to NPCs.
Sholtar are not quite as hardy as other humans, and receive -2 to strength, dexterity and constitution, and have a life rating of 8. On the other hand, they are exceptionally quick-witted, with a bonus of +6 to cunning, an extra generic point every 3 levels, and an experience 'penalty' of -20%.


The Sholtar were once a great nation, with many vasts cities in the southeastern regions of Maj'Eyal. In spite of the harsh, dry terrain they inhabitied, or perhaps because of it, they were a people of great ingenuity and adaptability.

The Cataclysm which tore the world apart centuries ago swept nearly all of the Sholtar lands into the murky depths, and all but erased their people from the face of Eyal.

While very few survived, those who did fought for survival with all of the wit and grit that was their birthright. An already adaptable people grew to become even more adaptable through neccessity, and it has become their greatest strength.

Sholtar are able to learn abilities by carefully studying others, and, regardless of their class, they can always improve by incorporating the talents of others into thier skill set.

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Bug with SpaceTime Tuning

I was offered Spacetime Tuning as a potential talent to learn and even though it was declined, it was still learned. It also lead to a weird bug that broke the screen that lists all of the characters talents and the popup for setting automatic usage of talents. I could get into more detailed bug reporting and what I changes I had to do to unbreak the character if you like.

A useful preventative measure would be to simply add Spacetime Tuning to the disallowed talents in tome-sholtar-/data/talents/sholtar.lua talents_to_exclude.


Hey, I missed your comment, but this was recently pointed out by someone else as a potential problem talent and has been added to the exclusion filter. I appreciate the report even though I missed it, thanks :)

Question regarding the "racial talents"

Can you provide a description of how to use them plus what each one does? Is there a difference between acumen, guile, insight, and wit? The ingame descriptions are very vague. Cool concept though, I like the idea of adaptable learning. Thanks.

EDIT: I just figured out how it works, you activate any one of those sustained talents, and upon killing an enemy, you may receive a prompt asking if you want to learn an ability, after which it will be locked to whichever one of those sustains you had active at the time you killed that enemy. So you may have up to four enemy talents learned. You can also replace a talent learned by activating the particular sustain that you wish to have replaced.

NEW QUESTION: if you have, let's say, 1 point in Wit, and you learn an enemy talent for that, and subsequently add more points to Wit, does that improve the spell that was learned by that talent?


Sorry for the delayed response. Busy time of year and between the forum, Steam, and, I sometimes forget to check one or the others for comments.

To answer your question, yes, adding more points to one of the racial talents after learning a talent from it will also increase the level of the learned talent.

Fun racial "talents" concept

Fun racial "talents" concept :)

Thanks! :-D

Thanks! :-D