Adds a new class, the Steam-Chemist (A tinker who picked up alchemy) also attempts to revise alchemist with some quality of life and balance changes.

They're tinkers who have started dabbling in alchemy - but their dual focus has resulted in lesser skill. Less skillfully assembled machinery can sometimes be even more dangerous, though.
They have a golem, but no advanced golemancy, access to staff training, but no channel staff and no natural mana regen. What they have is lots, and lots of explosions.

One new talent tree : Shrapnel
Steampowered Bombardment : version of throw bomb that scales with steampower and alchemist gem power
Shrapnel infusion : results in bombs causing bleed damage, +phys dmg, +phys penetration
Sonic Boom : An aoe cone physical damage confusion skill
Rocket Powered Leap : a leap that attempts to attack in an aoe, if it hits, causes massive bleed damage

In addition, they have access to many steam categories.

Alch revision description :

Buffs Alchemist talents and aims to reduce the irritation of the gem ammo management system. Idea is to make mana the limiting factor of alchemists,
rather than alchemist gems. Idea is to make alchemist a short to mid ranged class with high burst and mana problems, but decent tankiness. Their golem can lock people into place for them to wail on,
and they have some other talents to help if someone does get into melee range (shortrange aoe stuns, ranged knockbacks, etc.)
Gem quality contributes more to bomb damage
At talent level > 7 throw bomb and steam bombardment now reduce their CD by 1 (this means an extra cat point in their respective categories results in 3 CD)

Arcanum compatibility update

Explosion expert no longer increase the damage of throw bomb. Instead, throw bomb's damage has been somewhat normalized - it should deal a bit more damage than the average explosion bomb, but won't have quite the same ceiling.
Explosion expert now increases the AOE and mana cost of throw bomb. It will still increase contained explosion's damage bonus. This damage bonus has been rescaled a bit to be more valuable at lower levels.

Balance changes:
Throw bomb, steam bombardment, explosion expert nerfed
Defensive posture should scale better with talent level.

Fire infusion damage changed a bit, same for shrapnel. Now deals 25% of bomb damage over 3 turns.

Gems are no longer overloaded.

Steamcoil re-enabled (it's a tinker, a version of mana coil that gives some steam regen and can attach to steam staves).
Generic steamstaves modifiers changed to .6/.8 instead of .8/.8

Fixed command staff not having elements. Unfortunately, had to disable steam coil as a short term fix.
Also lowered modifiers on steamstaves and artifacts, as they were slightly too high
0.9.9 :
Fixed thunderclap consuming gems.

Fire infusion changed :
deals 100% damage, then 1/6 of that damage every turn for three turns (this means that fire infusion now deals the most damage of any infusion, in order to make up for it having the least utility)
(just an FYI, Shrapnel infusion does deal more damage : Shrapnel infusion deals 100% damage, then 1/5 of that damage every turn for four turns).
Steampowered bombardment now deals fireburner damage (the same as fire infusion, but no bonus pen or bonus damage) by default, and is unaffected by infusions other than shrapnel infusion (which no longer affects throw bomb).

0.7.0 -
Refit golem now only heals to 40% instead of 50% hp if golem is dead.
Fire infusion damage now a bit more frontloaded (deals 75% of damage initially, rather than 50%).
Alchemist Protection now only buffs elemental resistance (5% per raw level), friendly fire is no longer enabled by default.
Mana cost of throw bomb now scales with points in explosion expert (10 + 6 per rawlevel)

Overall :
-Gems no longer consumed by talents
-All infusions now have 4 CD to make them viable to switch between in combat
-Infusions give damage pen to their respective damage types in addition to their damage boost
-Alchemist talents no longer deal friendly fire
-Throw bomb, channel staff, refit golem have higher mana costs (35, 6, 30)

-To make throw bomb's damage scaling smoother gems now give these bonusese to damage of throw bomb per tier :

+ 20%, +35%, +50%, +65%, +70%, with bomb

Gems such as diamonds which gave a +% modifier now have that added directly to their power :
So a diamond now increases bomb power by 95% exactly, and other tier 5 by +70% exactly.

Totally revised Explosion Expert, based largely on Minmay's version of the spell

Alchemist :
(I used minmay's revamped alchemist as a base for these class starting changes)
Willpower/Con bonuses swapped
Liferating changed from -1 to 0
Weapons Training known from start

Golem :
-Now has head slot.
Unfortunately, to remove a helm you have to equip another helm. I'm working on this.
-Golem gains a class talent point every other level instead of every 3
-Boosted weapon damage on pound
-Pound is now a melee ability
-Pound can now be used in melee range
-Knockback, Crush can now be used in melee range
-Golem gains 1 generic every 10th level and has access to combat training from the start. Note : points in golem power and
resilience automatically give points in these areas, though this is hidden in normal ToME.

Explosion tree:
-Alchemist protection now only grants extra elemental damage, friendly fire is gone from alchemist talents by default.
-Explosion Expert totally revamped (thanks to minmay for permission to use parts of her code) . It now will tell you how much extra damage is going to be dealt in the tooltip given while aiming the bomb.
-Explosion expert now grants up to 6 radius, and can grant 7 (and some more bonus damage) with an extra category point.

Shockwave bomb replaced with Contained explosion which functions exactly as throw bomb dealing a maximum amount of explosion expert damage to a single tile. Range scales with talent level. Skill has extremely high mana cost (100), but with a single point is almost certainly the most damaging skill in the game.

Living Lightning has 15 CD and somewhat increased damage

Acid :
-Boosted max damage on caustic mire
-Boosted damage on Caustic Golem

Fire Alchemy:

-Body of fire deals MUCH more damage, but drains MUCH more mana, though its sustain cost is reduced to 75
-Now only targets 1 creature
-Body of Fire has 15 CD instead of 40
-Body of fire now grants fire affinity instead of resistance

-Boosted max damage on Flash Freeze (250->320)
-Greatly increased max armor granted for Golem on Ice Armor
-Changed frost infusion to no longer freeze. Instead, it applies a 20% slow. This is to let cold be used as a more reliable damage source

Golemancy :
-Refit golem when golem is dead cast time reduced to 1 resting turn (requires player to be out of line of sight of enemies, meaning Smoke Bomb has a purpose)
-Golem is revived at 40% instead of 33% max hp

Advanced Golemancy:
Greatly increased runic golem regen rate

Staff Combat :
Tree reworked
Channel staff is now a built in attack that costs no talent points and deals 100% weapon damage with a +20% magic modifier.
New talent takes the second spot in the tree :
Desperate Blast - In desperate times, you can overload your channel staff with five times as much mana. This will increase the damage and cause the spell to knockback, but changes the damage to a physical type, and decreases the range.
Blunt thrust is the third item in the tree, and never misses from talent level 1.
Defensive posture is fourth in the tree, with a lowered cap (now scales from 9 armor/defense at level 1 to 18 at level 5).

Stone Alchemy :
-Stone touch starts at range 3 and beams from talent level 1

Warning : Still needs balancing

Steam-Chemist on Steam's Workshop
See addon usage in the character's vault.
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Alchemist is too OP