Cancel Sustain/Effect on Rest

Cancel Sustain/Effect on Rest

You can cancel Sustains and Beneficial effects on Rest.

Sustains can be marked to be canceled by right-click talent icons on the talent bar.

Beneficial effects can be marked to be canceled in dialog. (default: Ctrl+Alt+E).

This addon is created because I'm too lazy to cancel these many times;
- resource-consuming sustains like Never Stop Running
- rest-preventing beneficial effects like Spatial Tether


Weight: 100

- mod/class/Player.lua:getTarget()

Special Thanks:
Restart Sustains

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Name Module Version Required Released File
0.0.2 fix rest-preventing ben-effect 1.7.2 2021-07-10 04:29
0.0.1 - beta 1.7.2 2021-04-30 08:19