Better Remaining Effect Turn Display

Short Name: 

display remaining time of all effects with graphical timer like 'wild speed'.

Cancel Sustain/Effect on Rest

Short Name: 

You can cancel Sustains and Beneficial effects on Rest.

Sustains can be marked to be canceled by right-click talent icons on the talent bar.

Beneficial effects can be marked to be canceled in dialog. (default: Ctrl+Alt+E).

This addon is created because I'm too lazy to cancel these many times;
- resource-consuming sustains like Never Stop Running
- rest-preventing beneficial effects like Spatial Tether

Github: https://github.com/h-youhei/tome-unsuseff

Weight: 100

- mod/class/Player.lua:getTarget()

Special Thanks:
Restart Sustains

Daze Tweak

Short Name: 

This addon will add a low-end threshold to damage values which will break the Daze effect equal to 5 + actor-level/2. This should prevent minor sources of damage from disrupting the effect, with the intent of improving the effectiveness of the status.

Credit to ghostbuster for the idea and suggesting the scaling for the threshold.

Slow Tweak

Short Name: 

Tweaks the 'Slow' effect such that when a new slow is applied to a target already afflicted with a slow, the new slow will no longer outright replace the old effect. Instead, the highest power effect will take priority. If the new effect is stronger, it will replace the old effect. Otherwise, it will be ignored.

This is primarily intended to resolve the issues caused by equipping multiple pieces of gear with on-hit slows. Due to the way Slow normally works, only the last effect applied will have any impact on the target. The result is that equipping more pieces of gear with on-hit slow can detrimentally impact your ability to slow enemies, which is counter-intuitive and less than ideal

This refers specifically to the effect 'Slow', which reduces global speed. Other effects which influence speed, global or otherwise, are not affected by this addon.

Anti-Stun Addon

Short Name: 

Nerfs the debilitating effects of Stun to make it less cancerous.
Stunning now has these effects:
All damage done is reduced by 60%
Up to three random talents are put on a TWO turn cooldown (Up from one)
Stunning NO LONGER has these effects:
Movement speed is reduced by 50%
No talents come off cooldown for the duration.

Sun's Vengeance Shader

Short Name: 

Adds a full-screen shader for the Sun's Vengeance proc.

Saves Fix

Short Name: 

Fixes a bug with saving against status effects.
The bug: If you have a status effect (like stun), and something tries to do that same status effect to you, but you pass your saving roll (not immunity %, just saves), you'll lose the original status effect as well.

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