Use Base Stat for Prerequisites

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Collecting equipment to meet prerequisites is tedium. Swapping equipment to meet prerequisites is much more tedium. This addon is a suggestion to remove that tedium.

To meet prerequisites
- use base status
- halve required status taking into account initial status: (req - ((req - 10) / 2))

This addon is inspired from this comment in the forum thread.

This addon doesn't break Better Item Description or Cleaner Item Description.

Weight: 100

- engine/interface/ActorTalents.lua:canLearnTalent(), getTalentReqDesc()
- engine/interface/ActorInventory.lua:canWearObject()
- engine/Object.lua:getRequirementDesc()

Stalk Fix Addon

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Fixes Stalked so that it does NOT prevent you from entering the world map,
and disappears when you change levels.

Daze Tweak

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This addon will add a low-end threshold to damage values which will break the Daze effect equal to 5 + actor-level/2. This should prevent minor sources of damage from disrupting the effect, with the intent of improving the effectiveness of the status.

Credit to ghostbuster for the idea and suggesting the scaling for the threshold.

Anti-Stun Addon

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Nerfs the debilitating effects of Stun to make it less cancerous.
Stunning now has these effects:
All damage done is reduced by 60%
Up to three random talents are put on a TWO turn cooldown (Up from one)
Stunning NO LONGER has these effects:
Movement speed is reduced by 50%
No talents come off cooldown for the duration.

Saves Fix

Short Name: 

Fixes a bug with saving against status effects.
The bug: If you have a status effect (like stun), and something tries to do that same status effect to you, but you pass your saving roll (not immunity %, just saves), you'll lose the original status effect as well.

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