Some bugfixes for 1.7.3

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This addon does the following:
-fixes Trap Priming error
-fixes extending ego on charms
-fixes Stoning Poison not being learnable
-lets Retch heal necrotic minions
-fixes Assassinate not ignoring armor and resists properly
-fixes bonus damage not applying to dazzled enemies
-fixes Doomed Shadows not using Fade sometimes

All credit goes to Otowa Kotori on GitLab. This is just a repackage of fixes that are likely to be included in 1.7.4, at which point this addon will become obsolete. This addon is likely to have compatibility issues with other addons and further game versions and is intended as a temporary bandaid only.

Stalk Fix Addon

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Fixes Stalked so that it does NOT prevent you from entering the world map,
and disappears when you change levels.

A Few Bug Fixes

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Fixed a few bugs(benificial bugs not included) that I can remember right now.
  • Shield of Light now works correctly with Steamsaws
  • Off-hand shield of Stone Warden now (really) deals full damage.
  • The detrimental effect of Suspend works against enemies instead of allies.
  • Shards now has correct power(checks the skill level of defender instead of attacker).

Saves Fix

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Fixes a bug with saving against status effects.
The bug: If you have a status effect (like stun), and something tries to do that same status effect to you, but you pass your saving roll (not immunity %, just saves), you'll lose the original status effect as well.

Interesting Resurrection Bug

Fighting the Worm boss at the bottom of the sand pit on an alchemist.
Golem disinterested in joining in, so had to manually request it did something.
5 turns later it hits the boss, or so i assume, as I was blinded by this stage.

I set the room on fire, but ultimately die.
Choose to resurrect, and come back to life on -28/250 life.
A sandworm then hits me for 34 and I have a final death.

Personally, the idea of resurrecting at a negative life would be great if it meant I'd managed to become a Lich Alchemist and my Golem but the first of a horde of minions to do my beck and call.

Hopefully this time the Mighty Girdle doesn't appear the first time I go to town when I'm on very low $$. Very handy item.

Outside of this above mishap, had a very successful run.
First troll boss (Bill) killed at lvl 3 without dying.
Dark Crypt was then comfortably run straight after before I could get back to town to offload loot.
4 escorts all successful.

This time I'd taken the sand pit too casually, as I'd last run it quickly and easily without dying.
Now I understand how perilous it can be with collapsing tunnels and how often one can be blinded without the resists I had last time.
Time to give it all another go.

Atrophy, with golem Petrify.
Attempt 1: lvl 23, died to a monster zerg instant spawn.
Attempt 2: lvl 14, died to negative life resurrect bug on sandworm boss.

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