Interesting Resurrection Bug

Fighting the Worm boss at the bottom of the sand pit on an alchemist.
Golem disinterested in joining in, so had to manually request it did something.
5 turns later it hits the boss, or so i assume, as I was blinded by this stage.

I set the room on fire, but ultimately die.
Choose to resurrect, and come back to life on -28/250 life.
A sandworm then hits me for 34 and I have a final death.

Personally, the idea of resurrecting at a negative life would be great if it meant I'd managed to become a Lich Alchemist and my Golem but the first of a horde of minions to do my beck and call.

Hopefully this time the Mighty Girdle doesn't appear the first time I go to town when I'm on very low $$. Very handy item.

Outside of this above mishap, had a very successful run.
First troll boss (Bill) killed at lvl 3 without dying.
Dark Crypt was then comfortably run straight after before I could get back to town to offload loot.
4 escorts all successful.

This time I'd taken the sand pit too casually, as I'd last run it quickly and easily without dying.
Now I understand how perilous it can be with collapsing tunnels and how often one can be blinded without the resists I had last time.
Time to give it all another go.

Atrophy, with golem Petrify.
Attempt 1: lvl 23, died to a monster zerg instant spawn.
Attempt 2: lvl 14, died to negative life resurrect bug on sandworm boss.


you got the crypt from level 7ish? That's pretty amazing...I have yet to get it in the current builds. My guys die too often.


I was lvl 3 when I killed Bill, which leveled me to 6.57...
After mopping up 2 final mobs in the zone, I was at least 40% from level 7.
I used the recall to get straight to the wilderness - so didn't get xp for clearing on the way out.
Got the "voice crying out for help" pop-up about 2 spots from town.

The other time I got the "voice crying out for help" was the previous run of an Alchemist, and not until about lvl 17-20...
I was already heavily loaded with alot to go sell, and wish I'd known just how short a run it was.

It's only one medium zone, then another stairs to a small zone with 4 rooms inside a larger room.
A merchant at one end and bandits everywhere. Doors open and more bandits zerg in.
Simply kited them around the room lobbing gem bombs on them, once I had agro of all of them from the person you have to save.

This the Dark Crypt, or is "voice crying out for help" a common theme?

Wasn't the Crypt...

Atrophy the alch version 3 just met the crypt at level 20.

Had resists all 35-60%, saves at 38 / 52 / 29 respectively...

Encountered a cultist. Took a hit, but thought I was fine considering hitpoints still over 400.
Hit rejuve, to make certain I'd live.

I was very wrong.

It's response was 3 hits over 150 each, as well as a disease and some other affliction - single round.

This death really sucked.
All my gear seemed to add stats and resists, including saves as well.
I'd just found the Spydersilk robe (10arm/10def, 30% nat resist, 5con, -2wis,... and something else), and imbued a lvl 5 gem into it.

Next time I hear a voice crying out to be saved in the crypt, and I'm still only level 20, I think I'll just tell a patrol if I see one :p

Might give the game a break for a couple of days, else try a different difficulty setting until I can unlock the class I really want to play.

The problem

Well you may regret that if you actually want to do the quest since it only seems to come once. If you choose to not be a hero you get no further chances later on. Perhaps this needs changing? But for now it seems it is a skill test.


This stuff is optional, it wouldnt make sense for you hear somebody call for rescue, wait a few months and then come to the rescue, obviously the girl is long dead by then :)
The popup should warn you that it really looks dangerous, and maybe I'll up the min level a bit

Yes but....

What if the cult continues to kidnap girls and summon demons until you stop them.