Beholder v5.9.4 - Bugs and Polish

Game Addon: 


Absorb Magic:

  • Absorb Magic will no longer crash when you possess only under-tiered items in your inventory.
  • Absorb Magic no longer will accept items of beneath your current growth stage, forcing you to punch above your weight if you really want to make speedy progress to the higher forms of beholder.
  • In addition, I have increased the growth points necessary for progress to the final growth stage from 12 to 20. Sorry about that, but players were reaching their final forms at level 3. Eventually, advancing your Beholder is going to be an involving process that will demand some difficult decisions from the player.
  • However, I have also increased the bonuses for feeding on a unique (yellow) artefact, depending on tier and regardless of your current growth stage. Legendary items grant even more, and Godslayers (should you have the miraculous fortune to find a spare one you won't need) are a full evolution instantly on consumption. So, my spawnlings, go forth and nom heartily!


  • Kludgy debug log messages removed, as I've finally learnt to debug Lua properly :3
  • Mention of psionic focuses removed from tooltips due to confusion expressed by players. Eventually, there's going to be some kind of broad correlation of the nature eyestalks=spell, central eye=mind, and these features will return to the Central Eye talents.
  • If you are wearing your cloak of deception (or as I imagine it, being sheathed in tentacles, cuttlefish-style) while you advance a growth stage, your tile will not be replaced by your new beholder form. You'll also not have to recover air back to full.